The first living statue is lost to time.
No one knows when the practice of
life imitating art first occurred.
Perhaps the first models for Greek
sculptures were made to appear as
statues, to help the sculptor capture
the image. The first modern living
statues appear first in the 19th
century as circus and performance
artists. While many started as
manger statues in depictions of the
birth of Christ, many more performed
in travelling troupes, traversing
country and globe.
Today, with few
exceptions, most living
statues are solo street
performers, carrying
on the traditions of the
past. Recently,
professional event
planners have started
adding living statues to
their repertoire and
have launched a
mini-rennaisance of the
art form. The Mecca of
living statuary still
remains the Festival of
Pageant of the
Masters, held each
summer in Laguna
Beach, California.