There are several main media used to create
living statues, to greater or lesser effect. Some
of the most common are listed below.
The most common medium used to
create living statues is paint. Commonly
found at Halloween supply shops and
through many Internet sites, brands
such as
Mehron, Tim Gratton and Ben
Nye have great quality and safe
bodypaints. Some artists prefer to use
non-toxic, but non-bodyart specific
paints such as latex based paints. There
is, as always, a risk when using any new
paints, as individuals react differently to
paints. A test patch is always
recommended before any large coverage
(partial or full-body) is performed.
Many paints dry to the touch in a few
minutes, but may require touch-ups to
preserve that fresh, non-cracked look.
Paint variations in color, intensity and
viscosity make them ideal for creating
living statues. Most paints are applied
with brushes, but can be airbrushed on
as well.
A very popular and
relatively simple form
of make up is an oil
and powder mixture.
Many art supply
companies carry
metallic powders that
can be mixed with
virtually any oil, from
baby to vegetable to
get that 'wet' and
truly metallic look.
Application is a very
simple brush on and
clean up is a simple
matter of soap and water. The mixture, however,never dries, and remains wet
to the touch. Care should be taken not to streak and drip the mixture as it
spreads rapidly, depending on the viscosity of the oil and mixture amounts. Oils
also tend to keep models very warm and should only be applied in cool settings
to avoid overheating.
MetallicMart is a good online source for powders.
Body Paint
Metallic Powders
Liquid latex is, essentially,
liquid rubber that dries into a
smooth, rubbery and unique
covering. While beautiful in
appearance, liquid latex is
difficult to apply and maintain
coverage. Because amonia is
used as a preservative, good
ventilation must be used during
application. The final coating is
also very fragile, often tearing,
and should be covered with a
sealer if possible. Clean up is
easy--simply tear it off! A good
base of lotion on the model's
skin will make removal easier as
Liquid Latex
Natural Media
Natural media, such as
mud and clay, can create
a truly stunning effect by
making the model appear
to be actually made of
that substance. The rich
textures and natural
pigments of clays and
muds are offset by their
delicate nature. They
tend to dry and flake
easily, with constant
patching needed. Clean
up, however is simple,
and being natural
substances, are non-toxic
and commonly available.
Many mud packs can be
bought at drug stores or
even found naturally at a