To achieve that metallic look, the best results are achieved by combining metallic powders in an oil, and then brushing the mixture on with a brush. The resulting look truly appears to be metal, often highly reflective, and almost liquid in look. However, the mixture does not dry, and can drip and run. Mixing liquids can be used to dry it to skin, but much luster is lost. Any oil (baby, safflower, vegetable) can be used. By varying the powder to oil ratio, various looks can be achieved, from bright to washed out.


Many paints are available to create the living statue look. They can broadly be broken down into two categories: Body Paints and Regular Paints. Body paint producers such as Mehron and Graftobian have complex and complete lines of body paints, from exotic colors to simple clown white to achieve that marble effect. An alternative to body paints that have been created specifically for application on the human body are traditional paints, such as poster paints (Tempra), house paints, and commercial brands. While stunning looks can be achieved, many paints contain harmful ingredients and are not recommended for application to human skin. Check labels carefully before using.


Many natural choices exist to create a highly realistic looking living statue. These include: clay, mud, plaster, marble dust and many other natural existing ingredients. Again, some ingredients may pose a risk to the model if an allergic reaction occurs.